As a Buddhist Artist Sukanya has follow in my own footsteps of traditional Buddhist beliefs. I create buddhist paintings from my inner feeling of serenity. I hope people who will see and love my painting will also help them to find path of inner peace as I express on to canvas.

These paintings display the exquisite use of light and shadow as appropriate for a traditional and contemporary Buddha Collection. Each represents a universal virtue that will complement any interior or enhance any ambience with its spirituality and natural beauty.

The medium of the current collection of Buddha images is oil and acrylics on canvas.

I enjoy using a palette knife for creating texture and visually enhancing the depth of the images. 

My favorite technique for painting Buddha

Sukanya paintings could use in buddhist house blessing,  public settings, such as lounges and spas, and private settings such as yoga room, meditation room, living room or patios. With a variety of textures, colors and sizes, there is always a piece to match the atmosphere to brighten up the walls in elegance and serenity.

As seen at a Buddhist house blessing

For yoga, relaxation and meditation or any place used to unwind and relax, reflect or meditate, alone or with friends. Please browse the collection, read about the making of giclees.  If you enjoy my work, please Like or Follow Sukanya Saimai for questions or comments or to share experiences in creating and enjoying spiritual art.